Breastfeeding isn't easy. There, we said it.

It can really start to take a toll on your mental health, and if you answer YES to any of the following, you're in the right place. Keep reading!

  • Are you worried about your milk supply?

  • Does the thought of breastfeeding make you feel anxious?

  • Do you fixate on your pump output or your baby’s wet and poopy diapers?

  • Do you feel like postpartum depression or anxiety is starting to show up?

  • Are you questioning breastfeeding at every turn?

  • Do you feel like you’re failing your baby or your body is failing you?

Join two panel experts in this workshop to build your confidence around breastfeeding and preserve your mental health

 "This was a very comprehensive course. I felt supported by knowing that some of the concerns I had were shared by others. Both speakers provided helpful tips to assist in combating some of my feeding worries. Many of the tips and red flags provided were some I had never considered before! I would recommend this course to anyone whether you are early PP or months into it."

-Lindsay Galloway

Here's what you'll gain

  • You'll know exactly how to get breastfeeding off to a good start

  • You'll know what things contribute to postpartum depression and what to do about it

  • You'll learn to really recognize the signs that your baby may or may not be getting enough

  • You'll be able to identify red flags when breastfeeding and how to protect your mental health

  • Leave the workshop with tips and tricks from a board certified lactation consultant to help you feel confident and comfortable with breastfeeding

  • Leave equipped with tips and tricks from a maternal mental health psychologist to help you feel at ease throughout your breastfeeding journey

Bonuses, yay! Because who doesn't love a good checklist (or 4)

  • Nursing cart checklist

  • Breastfeeding red flags checklist

  • Mental health red flags checklist

  • Pumping basics checklist

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Meet your instructors

Because it's important to know who you're learning from

Alice Pickering, Psy.D., CCTS-I, is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified clinical trauma specialist who believes that prioritizing your mental health should be a non-negotiable. More importantly, she's a mom to 2 little girls who are 17 months apart. Alongside mothering, she owns a private practice Postpartum Link PLLC and specializes in maternal mental health. She seeks to foster a community of happy and healthy mothers who can make a difference in their homes and ultimately, the world. You can learn more about Dr. Pickering here

Allegra Gast, RDN, IBCLC is a dietician and board certified lactation consultant. She believes that proper nutrition begins with loving and nourishing yourself. She's a mom of 2 who has a passion for helping women navigate the challenges of breastfeeding. She owns Aloha Nutrition where she offers breastfeeding support and consultations. You can learn more about Allegra here.