At least 1 in 7 women struggle with depression or anxiety during pregnancy or postpartum

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, that number has unfortunately increased to 1 in 3.

Being educated about mental health issues that can come up during pregnancy and postpartum is a protective factor. Arm yourself with knowledge and learn what you can do to safeguard your mental health during the most intimate, vulnerable, and pivotal time in your life. 

You'll get access to coping strategies, self-assessment tools to determine whether next steps such as treatment may be needed, and comprehensive empirical information regarding perinatal mood and anxiety disorders - all conveniently located in one place and put together by a maternal mental health psychologist.  

*This is also a great resource for mental health providers who work with pregnant or postpartum women and families.

**This is the first half of the Visible Motherhood workbook. If you'd like to purchase the whole workbook click here.